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Great events ...
They’re a balancing act.

With live events, there are lots of things in motion. At Plate Spinner Productions, we balance all the elements—people, budgets, resources, and more—so you can create an event that entertains, inspires, and brings people together.

We’ll manage your entire event, or support you in key areas.

Count on us to be your all-in-one event planning resource. Or engage us for the specific skills you need.

Concepting, design and pre-planning

Envision the possibilities. Address requirements and limitations. Create a custom event that reflects you and your organization.

Event logistics

Get everything lined up—equipment, food, signage, talent, transportation—and get it ready for the big day.

Event planning

Build budgets, get contracts signed, create timing plans.

Event content

Collaborate with creative resources on set design, music, speeches, performances, presentations, or video.


Coordinate with AV and other resources to get everyone on the same page.

Stage management

Make sure everybody hits their cues.

Meetings and project management

Get stakeholders together, run ongoing meetings, keep everyone on task.

Show calling

Put on a headset and (firmly but respectfully) tell everyone what to do—the AV team, camera operators, performers, and more.

Create the event that’s right for you.

We stage complex, multifaceted events—the more challenging, the better—for corporate, nonprofit, civic, and individual clients.

Why work with us?

Event planning and production

We can craft a tight plan, run efficient meetings, and deliver on the logistics. We can also talk tech with the AV team, trouble shoot equipment issues, and direct a live show from the production booth.

Direct, authentic communication

We’re friendly and fun, but we tell it like it is. We give clear recommendations and honest feedback.

Insight gained from experience

We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll help you make the right choices along the way.

No need to hold our hands

Our job is to make your life easier. So tell us what you need, and we’ll get it done.

Calm in the storm

When things get stressful, we keep our heads—and keep everybody focused on the task at hand. Panicking? Freaking out? Not on our watch.

Ready to make your choice?

Trusted Clients & Partner Organizations

Let's Put on a Show

Jackie and her junior plate spinners, during a visit while working Super Bowl events in 2018 in Minneapolis.

My name is Jackie, and I was born with a headset on.

Not everybody is cut out for this. You need to be the kind of person who can handle uncertainty, who thrives on pressure, and who keeps her cool when things go sideways. You need to be unflinchingly honest and direct, while also being respectful and empathetic. You need to be creative, but also tech savvy. You need to care about creating great experiences for others, but you also need to be relentless. You need to run a tight ship, but you also need to hold yourself accountable.

I’m all that and more. Just ask my previous clients. Or my family.

Why US and WE but you only see ME?

I figured you would wonder that. Thankfully, I surround myself with an amazing village of fellow plate spinners … producers, planners, creative directors, stage managers and more that I can call on to assist with projects as needed. I bring the best team to the table for each event.

It’s all about the balance.

A good event is a balancing act. A good life is, too. That’s why I love what I do. My work gives me variety, diversity, and excitement. And it enables me to live the life I want outside of work. When everything is in balance—when all the plates are spinning at once—it’s a beautiful thing.

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